Whitehorse Emergency Relief and Support Inc.

Whitehorse Emergency Relief and Support Inc. (WERS) is a highly respected not-for-profit organisation that plays a vital role in providing emergency relief and support to the Whitehorse community. Recognizing that life can present a range of challenges, WERS' dedicated team of multicultural volunteers work tirelessly to offer assistance in areas such as finding accommodation, rental relief, utility costs, financial management, and dealing with fines. Operating in a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment, the organisation is known for its commitment to honoring each individual's cultural, religious, gender, and age differences. Offering a range of free, independent, and client-focused services, WERS takes pride in its partnerships with other relief agencies in Whitehorse to minimise the duplication of assistance. Inspired by a true passion for making a positive impact on individuals and families, a role with WERS offers the opportunity to join a caring, values-driven team that puts the needs of the community at the forefront of everything they do. Become part of an organisation that truly works to improve the lives of those in need and experience the genuine fulfillment that comes from making a tangible difference in your local community. Don't hesitate – start your rewarding journey with Whitehorse Emergency Relief and Support Inc. today!