Wildlife Health Australia Incorporated

Wildlife Health Australia Incorporated (WHA) is a dedicated non-profit organisation committed to protecting and enhancing Australia's natural environment. This esteemed organisation represents a network of passionate individuals and organisations seeking to better manage wildlife health and its potential impacts on the country's ecosystem, industries, and communities. Working at WHA provides a unique opportunity to actively contribute to preserving Australia's rich biodiversity, animal and human health, and sustainable tourism. At the core of WHA's mission lies a strong One Health focus, connecting environment, animal health, and public health sectors from both government and non-government backgrounds. A career at WHA allows employees to gain invaluable experience collecting and disseminating crucial information through various programs and projects, and actively participating in environmental conservation efforts. Join WHA's collaborative community of dedicated professionals and make a real difference in preserving Australia's extraordinary and diverse wildlife. Contribute your talent and passion to an organisation that thrives on communication, coordination, and the provision of technical resources in the fight against environmental challenges.