William Fletcher Foundation

The William Fletcher Foundation, an esteemed non-profit organisation, is dedicated to nurturing the promising careers of talented Australian artists. Deeply rooted in the spirit of art education and honouring the legacy of renowned artist William Fletcher, the foundation goes above and beyond to support artists in need. Through transformative residential scholarships, grants, and residencies in prestigious institutions like the British School at Rome and Bundanon, the foundation empowers emerging artists by providing them with valuable resources, opportunities, and connections to elevate their craft. By joining the William Fletcher Foundation, you'll become a part of a warm and collaborative community that values the power of artistic expression and works tirelessly to enact positive change in the lives of deserving artists. With success stories spanning numerous creative fields, the foundation takes pride in keeping the joy of artistic inspiration alive, no matter the challenges faced along the way. Embrace the chance to contribute to the vibrant legacy of Australian art by becoming a part of the William Fletcher Foundation today. Together, let's pave the way for the next generation of trailblazing artists and enrich the cultural landscape for years to come.