Windarring Limited

Windarring Limited is a compassionate, community-driven not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages with disabilities to lead confident, purposeful, and fulfilling lives. By taking the time to understand each person's unique background, goals, and dreams, Windarring cultivates an inspiring and supportive environment that nurtures growth and independence. With a focus on teaching valuable life skills, fostering meaningful community connections, and promoting health and well-being, Windarring provides a wealth of opportunities for individuals to learn, work, and thrive alongside a tight-knit community of peers, mentors, and allies. Their comprehensive approach includes employment pathways, NDIS support, recreational activities, and more, ensuring that each client has access to the resources and assistance they need to achieve their fullest potential. As part of the Windarring team, employees are immersed in a highly rewarding and values-driven atmosphere, enabling them to make a genuine, lasting impact in the lives of those they serve. In joining Windarring, you will not only be part of a team that celebrates diversity and success, but also one that is deeply committed to creating meaningful change within the disability sector.