Women's Federation for World Peace Australia INC

Women's Federation for World Peace Australia Inc (WFWP Australia) is an inspiring organisation dedicated to empowering women to become agents of peace, leading positive transformations in their communities, their nations, and the world. With its commitment to upholding universal values and peace-building, WFWP Australia strives to create an environment where future generations can thrive and flourish, regardless of race, culture, or religious creed. Through its charity work, WFWP Australia supports women, engages youth, and champions environmental sustainability, aligning its efforts with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Leveraging a culture of heart centered around the feminine characteristics of care, empathy, nurturing, and cooperation, the organisation encourages every woman to become a 'woman of peace.' Through educational opportunities and skilling courses, it has empowered thousands of women across the Pacific Island nations of Oceania and Australia. At WFWP Australia, volunteers are not only working tirelessly to support inspired women and engaged youth but also promote environmental sustainability in partnership with other organisations. Joining WFWP Australia is a chance to be part of an inclusive, forward-thinking organisation that embodies the spirit of peace and unity, working together to realise the vision of one global family rooted in sustainable peace. Grab the opportunity to make a lasting impact through the power of education, advocacy, and humanitarian service. Witness the beauty of a truly interconnected world where women empower each other and drive lasting change for good.