Workers' Educational Association Illawarra

Workers' Educational Association (WEA) Illawarra is a prominent, community-driven, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing quality education and skills development opportunities for the community for over 100 years. With a comprehensive range of leisure and work skills courses, foundation skills, and funded training programs, WEA Illawarra strives to empower individuals and improve their career prospects, lifestyle aspirations, and social inclusion opportunities. The organisation values lifelong learning and believes everyone should have the resources and support necessary to achieve their educational goals. Working alongside passionate tutors and trainers in various fields, WEA Illawarra delivers exceptional and accessible education that truly makes a difference. By joining the WEA Illawarra team, you'll be part of an inclusive and thriving community committed to building brighter futures. You'll work collaboratively with dedicated colleagues, contribute to the organisation's growth and governance, and have an impact on the lives of countless individuals. Let your passion for education and community development shine through by becoming part of the inspiring WEA Illawarra family. Your journey towards making a meaningful difference begins here!