Wynnum Manly Arts Council Inc

Wynnum Manly Arts Council Inc is a vibrant, community-driven organisation committed to fostering, promoting, and enhancing appreciation for all forms of artistic expression. Established in 2000, this organisation has dedicated itself to generating positive social outcomes by advocating for art and the invaluable role it plays in fostering understanding, acceptance, and respect for diversity. By providing facilities and events tailored to the artistic community, Wynnum Manly Arts Council Inc ensures that both amateur and professional artists can showcase their talents in a supportive and inclusive environment. As a volunteer-run organisation, Wynnum Manly Arts Council Inc relies on the passion and dedication of individuals who believe in the transformative power of the arts. Through their unwavering commitment to this cause, these volunteers contribute to the development of a more diverse, inclusive, and artistically enriching community. By working with this remarkable organisation, you too can play a crucial role in promoting the value of arts in society and enriching the lives of its members. Join Wynnum Manly Arts Council Inc today and make a lasting impact on the artistic community.