Yooralla is a respected non-profit organisation that has been dedicated to empowering and supporting individuals with disabilities since 1918. As one of Victoria's largest and oldest disability service providers, Yooralla takes pride in offering a wide range of services, from assistance with daily living to long and short-term accommodations to fit all ages and care needs. At the heart of Yooralla's mission is the pursuit of equality and the belief that every person, regardless of their abilities, should be able to live the life they choose. Driven by compassion and commitment, Yooralla continuously seeks innovative ways to improve the lives of people with disabilities, as seen in their latest programs and research initiatives. A career with Yooralla offers the opportunity to join a passionate and dedicated team of professionals who are committed to making a real difference in the lives of the people they serve. By working together and embracing diversity, Yooralla can achieve its purpose of empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals and experience true equality. If you share Yooralla's values and vision for a more inclusive world, consider joining their team and contribute to building a better future for people with disabilities across Victoria. Your talents and passion can help shape the lives of many, creating positive change and fostering a more equitable society for all.