Young Adults Disabled Association Inc

Young Adults Disabled Association Inc (YADA) is a compassionate, community-driven not-for-profit organisation based in Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia. Dedicated to empowering young adults with disabilities, YADA provides a nurturing and supportive environment where members can thrive, grow, and realise their full potential. With an unwavering commitment to promote inclusion, equality, and respect, YADA is actively transforming the lives of hundreds of individuals and their families by offering a wide range of activities and programs aimed at fostering independence, self-esteem, and personal growth. As a YADA team member, you'll be joining a passionate group of professionals who uphold the core values of empathy, integrity, and collaboration, working together to create a positive and lasting impact on the community. With a commitment to ongoing education and development, YADA provides an excellent platform for personal and professional growth within the field of disability support. If you have a heart for serving others and are inspired by the idea of helping young adults with disabilities to dream big and achieve their goals, then YADA is the perfect organisation for you. Together, let's build a brighter, more inclusive future for all – one life-changing experience at a time.