Youth Futures Incorporated

Youth Futures Incorporated (YFI) is a compassionate non-profit organisation dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of young people. With a range of community services on offer, YFI primarily focuses on nurturing the potential of youth, while also assisting individuals of all ages in need of support. By fostering an environment rich in understanding and personal growth, YFI has touched many lives since its inception in 1980. As an organisation with deep roots in the community, YFI operates a comprehensive Work for the Dole program, encouraging job seekers to develop skills in a diverse range of outdoor activities. In addition, YFI provides essential emergency and crisis accommodation for young men who are facing homelessness, thus promoting security and stability for those most vulnerable. In the pursuit of holistic personal development, YFI also serves as a Registered Training Organisation, providing nationally recognised certified training courses to individuals, employers, and other organisations. When joining the YFI team, not only will you contribute to the ongoing success of this inspiring non-profit, you will also become a part of a collective that is paving the way for brighter futures in the wider community.