Zi Zai Dong Zen Association Inc. is a not-for-profit charity organisation based in Brisbane, Australia, dedicated to improving health and well-being through energy healing named Qi Gong. With a focus on meditation, their compassionate team aims to eliminate negative attitudes and behaviors by reducing stress and promoting a positive outlook on life. By offering free energy healing sessions and guidance, Zi Zai Dong Zen Association Inc. supports individuals of all abilities, ages, and beliefs on their path to increased vitality and an enhanced immune system. As they practice Qi Gong, their employees and volunteers work tirelessly to help others achieve a calm and balanced mind. Joining the Zi Zai Dong Zen Association Inc. team not only allows you to be part of a supportive and inspiring environment but also offers the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Regardless of your background or life circumstances, the organisation welcomes energetic and compassionate individuals who are eager to contribute to this noble cause. So, if you are passionate about promoting health, happiness, and wisdom through energy healing, look no further than the Zi Zai Dong Zen Association Inc.